Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LeAnn Rimes Lets Her Crazy Hang Out On The Cover Of US Weekly

When I read this new cover of Us Weekly I about fell over in a fit of giggles. I imagine "Team LeAnn" and her publicist going to the zoo and watching a gorilla throwing darts at a bulletin board with index cards taped to it, picking the batshit insane things to leak to the press... errr... 'strategies' to go with.

I think the picture speaks for itself. A story about arch nemesis Brandi Glanville cheating on Eddie FIRST with some guy just SIX WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH.

I know...clutch your pearls and try not to faint... I'm breathing into a bag right now myself. The shock! The horror! A woman who was legitimately separated slept with a man! Yes, calm down y'all...Brandi and Eddie were already over when the lil' guy was born. Nothing to see here, keep on moving.

Oh God...who even cares. Sit and spin on this one LeeLee and have the gorilla throw another dart. This is about to blow up in your face. And if my publicist chose that picture for a magazine cover? Yeah...they'd probably have a blunt object hurled in their general direction. Or again...maybe the gorilla picked that one.

Full disclosure being what it all have heard me scream and yell in the past, that giver of writing nickels, good ol' Not Google, won't let me write anything unseemly about LeAnn because she was a correspondent once upon a time, and she's still under some kind of strange contract or agreement with them. For what...I have no idea...but I was told to 'be nice' in any pieces I wrote for Not Google wtf! because she has their balls in a vice for a couple of years yet. Us Weekly is a partner of wtf! so, she gets to blather her side of things carte blanche. So the moral of the story is...if you read it at Not Google or's a LeAnn plant. Team Gorilla has also tried to get me shit-canned over at Not Google because of this site you fine people are reading right now. Someone hasn't read the first amendment too closely in homeschool classes, because I CAN SAY WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT ABOUT YOU over here, because the only people that pay me are advertisers, stupid. I did get a few subtle digs in on this article I wrote back in December. You can read that here. Note the awful picture editing chose. They don't like her much either. The phone calls and emails get old.

So yeah, she's dumb as a brick and not doing anything to change people's mind about what kind of turd she is. Point, Brandi. Your move again, Gorilla.
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